QR Codes

As of 2012 All Certificates issued by Acfed include a QR Code link wich will take you directly to the student records of the certificate holder. Just scan the code with a QR enabled device such as an iPhone or Android handset.

This is the quickets way to access a trainee's CPD records.

For your security besure that the Site URL is visible and says verify.acfed.org/ there should be only a / following the .org if an additional . and some charactesr exist you are likely looking at a counterfit certificate.

if this happnes
please call us at
USA: 333-333-3333
or via
Skype: acfed.org.

Records Search Options

Option 1:

Search by Acfed Certificate Number by typeing the certificate number in the box below and clicking on the search button.

Acfed Certificate Number:

Option 2:

Search by Acfed student indentification number and the country of registration, by typeing the Student Indentifcation Number number in the box below, and select the country where the student first registered with Acfed then click on the search button.

Acfed Student ID:
Country of Initial Acfed Registration:

Option 3:

If both the Certificate Number, and the Acfed Student ID number are not avalbile you can search for the record by provideing the students national ID Card number in the box below, and select the country where the was issued then click on the search button.

National ID Card Number:
Country of Nationality:

NOTE: This system will search our Acfed Database for student profiles only on students who have been issued an Acfed Certification or Certificate of Completion for an Acfed program. Students currently participateing in Acfed programs who have not yet completed their program will not be avalible though this system.

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